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Livin’ on Key West Time

Do you find that you’re always racing to get things done? Whether you commute to work, chauffeur the kids, have work deadlines or errands to run, the clock is your task master. You may be known to say things like, “If only there were more than twenty-four hours in a day,” “I have to put out the biggest fire first,” “You want to do WHAT when?” and your all-time favorite (with only a hint of sarcasm, of course), “Sure I can get that done in my FREE time.”

If this sounds like your life, then this Magarita Moment is for you. C’mon, kick back and relax. All those chores will still be waiting four-and-a-half minutes from now, right?

If you didn’t have to run off just yet, please share your ideas for saving time or using it effectively. That would be really helpful, you know, because I just spent an entire weekend playing with Windows Movie Maker and I have a lot of work to catch up on now.  :)

18 comments on “Livin’ on Key West Time

    1. Hi Maggie! Yes, free time is like a mirage. I hope you are able to steal time for yourself once in a while, like I did this weekend when I made the video. It was fun, and I learned a new skill. Have a wonderful week. :)

  1. Making a video sounds like a fun thing to learn. Congrats for learning another craft. Will we be seeing it on your blog any time soon?

    1. That’s so funny you should mention it. That’s one of my favorite KW photos ever. He was a really cool character; hope to bump into Jack again someday and get the story behind the costume. :)

  2. Sometimes you just have to say enough’s enough and take the time for yourself. I know it’s more difficult for those with young children but we have to replenish ourselves. I think we get so busy sometimes that we forget that we’re supposed to be enjoying life! :-)

  3. Amazing video, Jolyse! You did such a great job! My sister in Key West right now and I’m so darn jealous!
    Since I’ve been doing nothing but wasting time all day, I feel like a hypocrite giving tips on using time effectively. However, I’ll give one anyway…lists work for me. I don’t just make a to-do list but I get specific with what needs doing and at what time I plan to do it. I also allow for days like to today when I feel like doing nothing productive because I’ve had a long string of very busy days.Word hard and then veg out for a day.

    1. Your sister is so lucky, Marcia. We al could really use some natural Vitamin D–sunshine.

      Great idea. I’ve always depended on lists, but their effectiveness in recent years. I’m going to try your suggestion of making it more of an itinerary. Here goes! :)

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