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Jolyse Barnett has always been a dreamer. As a little girl growing up in upstate New York on the shores of Lake Champlain, she enjoyed chasing fireflies, riding her ten-speed bike on winding country roads, and playing horseshoes at family picnics through endless summers. Winter was another kind of adventure for an active kid, with skiing in the Adirondack Mountains, trips to the local public library to feed a voracious reading habit, and ice skating with her siblings on a frozen pond across the road from their childhood home.

Jolyse discovered the thrill of storytelling at a young age–much to the confusion of her classmates. She didn’t always differentiate between fact and fiction. Thankfully, her fifth grade teacher unleashed Jolyse’s inner writer by encouraging her to memorize poems and create her own. Soon she had notebooks filled with poetry and lyrics along with stacks of little pink, key-locked diaries recording her teenage angst and dreams.

Jolyse Barnett PhotographyAfter she graduated from high school, Jolyse developed a more practical side. She earned a B.S. in Writing (Of course!), fell in love with her best friend (Yes!), and now lives her own happily-ever-after (Yay!). She enjoys a fulfilling day job where she gets to share her love of language and explores the world one vacation at a time with her two children and real-life hero. Who knew the dream house would include a leaky kitchen faucet, endless laundry, and a too-hairy cat? But with love, it’s all good.

Jolyse may not be able to cook to save her life, but she’s an expert at whipping up delicious romantic tales for her readers. She often combines her love of John Grisham, Nora Ephron, and J.K. Rowling novels with her addiction to tropical getaways when crafting her own. If you love fast-paced, light yet emotionally satisfying reads, you’ve come to the right place. Connect with Jolyse at Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

15 comments on “About Jolyse

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I checked out your blog. Love the waterfall photos!

  1. Jeannie Moon says:

    Fabulous! Welcome to the blogsphere!

    1. Thanks for the welcome, and I look forward to lots of fun chatting with you!

  2. “a too-hairy cat and a coddled guinea pig” Love that!

    1. Thanks! Wasn’t Kristen Lamb’s course incredible! I just finished reading WANA–worth every cent! Talk soon. :)

  3. Nina West says:

    Looking forward to a good read….sounds great! ~Ms. C

    1. Thanks! Visit here every Monday for a fun kick-off to your workweek!

  4. I like how to say “ordinary people who find extraordinary love.” Its intriguing and a perfect “author definition.” I want to find one of those but I can’t sum up what common theme my writing could have. Congratulations on finishing book #1 and already starting #2!

  5. Hi Nicole! Thanks for the compliments. Keep writing until one day, that perfect author definition will strike. :)

  6. Hi Jolyse,
    Thanks for stopping by my website after seeing Marcia’s RedHot interview! :-) Hope you enjoyed it. Happy Holidays!

    1. You’re welcome, Elisa. I’m very curious about Feng Shui, and especially as it relates to physical and emotional health. I have lots of research to do, and your website is a wonderful resource. Thanks for stopping by. My blog is Feng Shui for the daydreaming or traveling soul. :)

  7. Nice reading about you.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and following, Sheridegrom. Much appreciated! :)

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