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Goodbye Winter Boots, Hello Heels

Can't wait to wear these!
Can’t wait to wear these!

For anyone living in America, you are well aware of how tortuously long this winter season has been. Extraordinarily so. Retail therapy was one of my ways to escape the dreary weather.

I. Love. Shoes.

When I spied this gem of a pair made by Mercanti Fiorentini in DSW’s clearance section, I immediately pictured wearing them at my first book signing. They aren’t a pair my feet will tolerate for an evening of dancing, but are too pretty not to own. Right?

Surprisingly Comfy!
Surprisingly comfy!

This next pair reminds me of Cherry Adair, NYT Bestselling Author of romantic suspense and hilariously fun and competitive shoe maven at RWA’s annual national conference. These black heels are as sexy walking away as they are cute coming toward you. Think I’ll have an edge over Cherry if we bump into each other while I’m wearing these beauties?

Ooh la la!
Ooh la la!

After a dreary season of neutrals, it’s fun to select heels with a bit of spunk.

A Pop of Pink
A Pop of Pink

Do you subscribe to retail therapy or are you strictly a buy-for-a-purpose kind of gal?





8 comments on “Goodbye Winter Boots, Hello Heels

  1. My high heel days are behind me but I do love the look of these you’ve chosen! You’ll be gorgeous in them! A little retail therapy does most women good., I think. But I buy books, trinkets for my house, goodies for my grandkids and kids. Occasionally I’ll buy myself clothing in colors I don’t already own to spruce up a spring wardrobe. But I never miss buying a hot new color handbag every spring! And bracelets. Love them!
    You’ll be awesome at your first book signing in those “power red” shoes!

    1. Bracelets are a great idea for retail therapy, Marcia. I also love scarves. They don’t take up much room, are comfortable, and are a great accent for my basic winter black.

      I don’t have a release date yet–just an estimate of late 2014–and that book will release digitally first. My first book signing may be awhile from now, but a girl can dream. 🙂

      Happy almost-Spring. We’re so ready. My next purchases will be sandals and flip flops.

  2. Nice picks, Jolyse. I try not to engage in “retail therapy” during tax season, LOL. Too many other expenses right now, I have more shoes than I can currently house, so I’m on a shoe diet for a bit, but if you find me shopping for shoes in the near future, they’ll likely be new sneakers:-)

    1. I understand your pain, PJ. Have to be frugal here too, especially the month after Christmas and the end of the summer until I start the day job again. 🙂

      I don’t discriminate against any kind of shoe. Love them all, from flip flops to four-inch sparkly heels or knee-high boots. I recently purchased a pair of Brooks cross-trainers when I started a new walking routine. Very happy with them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy your week!

  3. I love the pop of pink pair! Okay, Jolyse, I expect to see a photo of you in the gorgeous red shoes, autographing your first book. 🙂
    I love shopping for summer sandals…winter shoes, not so much. I don’t buy nearly as much as I used to. I figured I could retire a few years earlier if I curtail my shopping. 🙂

    1. That pair of heels is comfortable for a few hours tops–definitely not for a night out in NYC hoofing it from place to place on concrete sidewalks. They sure are pretty though, and are perfect for a dinner date or other light walking.

      I promise to have a photo taken of me wearing that red pair…whenever that day may be. Are you patient? Oh yeah, you’re a writer like me. Patience is our middle name.

      I will definitely give an update in a few weeks featuring my sandal and flip flop finds of the season.

      Happy St. Patty’s Day, Jill. 🙂

  4. Fun shoes! Luuuu-huh-uuuve the black pair with that laced up back. Sassy!

    I love looking at fancy shoes, but lack the grace of walking in heels. I tend to do more retail therapy in jewelry and scarves and sundresses. Sundresses…and white sweaters (because winter lasted forever) are my undoing.

    1. That black sassy pair is by Enzo. I love sundresses too. Would live very happily year-round in sunglasses, a sundress, and flip flops–if it weren’t for those dratted other three seasons.

      Happy shoe hunting! 🙂

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