• Coming 2021

    Saving the Bachelor

    When Manhattan based PR guru Tory Desmond stops by tiny Starling in the Adirondacks to visit her extended family, she never dreams she’ll have the urge to stay for long. But when she meets the mystery man everyone’s been whispering about, Tory’s intrigued. She senses a wounded heart behind his humor and charm, and Tory never backs down from a challenge.

    General contractor Hunter Tromblay specializes in restoring historical properties, staying on as owner until selling for a profit and moving on. He’s been captivated by Tory since he saw her picture at her grandparents’ estate, but meeting the woman has him acting out of character and asking her out. He knows better. He doesn’t do forevers or happily ever afters, and Tory is the one woman he finds himself unable to forget even as he tells himself he needs to let her go.

    When an anonymous letter appears in the local town paper, exposing the Desmond family’s darkest, most regrettable secret, Tory is determined to right the wrongs. But will fighting for her family’s future destroy the chance she has at building a life with Hunter?

    Saving the Bachelor is book 2 of the The Desmond Family Series.