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Can Romance Novels Rescue You?

Romance novels have heroines and heroes, so I suppose it makes sense they have the power to save us. Right?

We’ve all been there. Life is sailing along, then one day we hit a rock and we’re fighting against getting swallowed up by ten foot waves. We do what we have to, and at the end of the day, we turn to that great escape read to help us forget the pain and difficulties. Even if for a little while. Since you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing you might understand what I’m talking about. You know, bookworm to bookworm. We all could use a little book therapy now and again, and romance is the most optimistic, hope-filled genre I know.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that your summer #JolyseBarnettGiveaway is here! If you’re game for a chance to WIN TWO ROMANCE NOVELS this week, you’ve come to the right place. To enter, simply write a comment after reading this short post. (Psst. Writing can be a lonely pursuit at times, and I really do love to hear from readers, so please don’t be shy.)


To show my appreciation for your precious summer minutes, there will be TWO weekly winners selected from the comment entries left between now and Wednesday, July 12th. Winners will be announced on my July 13th blog.

For a THIRD chance to be one of my weekly winners through the month of July, visit my Jolyse Barnett Facebook Page after you leave a comment here.

But first, a little catch-up…

“We have a situation here.”

That statement pretty much sums up the first half of 2017 for my family. Since the majority of issues involved my children, I’ll keep the details low key. I can, however, share the wonderful news that both have bounced back. Once again, my children are healthy and happy.

My children are my heart. So happy they’re happy!

Escape into Reading

During our family’s struggles this winter, I kept writing–even if it was only a little each day. I love my character and stories. (If I’m a new author to you, feel free to read a sample or two on my Jolyse Barnett Books page.) When I was just too exhausted to create, I escaped into other people’s stories. In all, I’ve read almost fifty novels since January! Not only did I read many terrific contemporary romances, but I also discovered a handful of new-to-me authors of commercial, women’s, and literary fiction. When you check back next Thursday for the list of winners from this week’s entries,  stick around for a minute to read the list of my favorites. Feel free to share your recommended recent reads then, too.

Lose yourself this summer in a great romance!

Take the Good with the Bad

With the arrival of Spring came a long-awaited family vacation. So much fun! We loved all ten incredible, relaxing days together on our Western Caribbean cruise.


Recharged, I returned home all fired up, and I worked diligently to finish my work-in-progress. Since then, things have been looking up, highlights including our son’s Senior prom and high school graduation.

My babies are all grown up.

Now that summer is here, I’m home full-time and loving everything about my new writing office. Four projects in progress…

I hope you’ve enjoyed your journey through the first half of 2017. If not, I hope that you’ve found solace and hope in great romance reads. Go, bookworms!

Now it’s your turn. Share something about your first half of 2017, or a goal you have for the remaining months…


6 comments on “Can Romance Novels Rescue You?

  1. My story begins in the end of 2016. My daughter had a baby December 13 and two days later my husband had major back surgery. He was off work for 3 months and my daughter had to go back to work when baby Andrew was 6 weeks. The good grandma that I was, I offered to watch him 3 days per week and then work my 12 hour night shift as a nurse for the next 3 nights. I felt like a new mom with my lack of sleep but so happy that I could do that for my daughter. Husband is back to work now. My daughter is a teacher so she is now enjoying the summer with Andrew. I survived it all!!

    1. Ah, Shari! I would expect nothing less of you. What a wonderful gift you gave your daughter and new grandson. Congratulation again on the sweet addition to your family.

  2. Hey Jolyse! Great to see things are working themselves out and that you are bolstered by family time. I’ve been off grid for most of this year, unable to deal with writing consistently or even setting goals…so unlike me! I’ve become somewhat of a political activist and very troubled by what’s happening in the world and trying to do my part to stand up for democracy and all I hold dear. That’s made it really difficult to stay focused on writing goals, but I’m finding some balance and working to finish up my latest novella in the Savage Cinderella series. Hopefully, Sacred Ground will be out in late October, early November:-) Spending time with my precious granddaughter keeps me grounded. That and listening to the Outlander series on audio (which keeps me from drowning in bad news, lol.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, PJ! Yes, consistency is a struggle, especially when you’re pulled in other directions. I’m glad you are enjoying your granddaughter…and Outlander!

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