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DSW, I Love You!

Well, maybe love is too strong a word to describe how I feel about a retail store, but the mere thought of Designer Shoe Warehouse causes a delicate trickle of excitement to warm my insides. Like many of you, I’m busy with a day job and family, so when I find an hour to go shoe shopping, the perfect mini-escape is when I find the rare and wonderful combination of brand, style, comfort, and cost in a pair of shoes.

A Recent Summer Purchase

A fan of Sex & The City back when it was an HBO regular, I yearned for a shoe collection like one owned by Carrie Bradshaw. Her Manolo Blahniks, Louboutins, and Jimmy Choos were always cutting edge, often breathtakingly beautiful and out-of-reach to a middle-class mom in the suburbs like me. Unlike Carrie, I cannot justify maxing out my credit cards to sustain a shoe addiction. Besides, I’m too hard on them and I demand my clothes and accessories provide a certain degree of comfort. (Okay, for really beautiful heels I’ll pay more, as long as they are semi-comfortable for at least two hours.)

Favorite Pair of Party Shoes

This past April, it seemed everyone was talking about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and, of course, her shoes. Her sister, Pippa, is becoming a fashion icon as well. I like this young woman’s style, and was surprised to see a pair of her shoes is similar to one of mine. (Click on Pippa’s name above to check out a fellow shoe lover’s blog. Pippa’s silver sandals are pictured there.) Judge for yourself. Does the future Queen of England’s sister share my taste in heels?

Sometimes, if you’re like me, leaving your home to get a fix for your shoe craving can seem close to impossible. If you haven’t discovered the next best thing to in-store shopping, you may want to try this. Go online to Zappos. This virtual store is a wonderful alternative to designer shoe outlets, with all the selection and sizes as well as incredible customer service.

The choices beckoning a footwear fan browsing in-store or online can distract even the most focused shopper from her mission. You know what I mean, like when you go to Target or Walmart intending to buy one item for twenty dollars and you leave there having spent three times that. Shopping Zappos, the consumer can do an advanced search by brand, color, style, size, heel height or any of these combinations. This site can be especially useful when you have the dress and need specific shoes to match. The silver sandals shown above are from Zappos. I was in a wedding and needed silver, 3.5 inch high heels for my dress’ length. When the first pair sent turned out to be too large, I exchanged it for a smaller size, without additional cost. Quick and easy.

Thinking about your summer shoe wishlist? Consider taking time out to visit your favorite shoe haunt, and get a pair or three. I’d LOVE to hear about your finds. Oh, and don’t forget to pamper those hard-working feet with a pedicure. Now, that’s an escape!


12 comments on “DSW, I Love You!

  1. I LOVE buying new shoes – when they’re priced right. My husband, however, owns more shoes than I do! And he’s a Zappos addict. lol. I’ve been resisting Zappos for fear of falling into the addiction as well. Now you, my dear, are adding to the temptation. 😉

    I have a lovely event to attend with other writers in NY at the end of this month…. I’m thinking one little peek at Zappos’ website might just be in order.

    LOVE your silver heels, btw. Those are really what make me want to visit Zappos’ site. Great post.

    1. Debbie,

      I believe Zappos is wonderful for the woman desiring a certain look at a certain price. This may be the place for you. Those silver heels of mine have been worn on five occasions, including my lending them to my daughter for her Senior Prom. (She didn’t want to give them back!) If you look closely, you’ll notice they look brand-new. Amazing wear for heels and pretty comfortable, considering the height.


  2. This was a fun blog. My blog last week was “What Are Your Wearing on Your Feet Right Now?” so I enjoyed reading yours. I wish I had more heels because I think they’re gorgeous and fun to wear. But I really don’t have anywhere I’d wear them and they’d have to sit in the closet amongst my Jordan basketball shoes and be very lonely indeed.

    1. Hi Patti,

      Like you, I don’t own many pairs of “party shoes” for the same reason. But I do enjoy finding comfortable, funky sandals that I can wear to work or during the summer for a night out. Shoe shopping can be about the sneakers, too, right?! It’s whatever style fits your life and makes you happy. 🙂

      I’ll have to go check out your post. Sounds like fun, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My weakness is shoes though I only own about 6 pairs (that’s including sneakers) and a pair of Frye boots. Like Patti I don’t have anywhere to wear them to. So I look a lot.

    Several years ago my daughter and I went into the city after New Year’s Day to check out the windows. There sitting in Bergoff Goodman was a pair of shoes, all open work in the design of a dragon done in rhinestones. It probably doesn’t sound to neat but they were gorgeous. We had to go in and try them on. Ooooh if money were no object they would have been mine and another pair for Jennifer. But at $600 a pop no could do. She still checks around from time to time looking for them to see if they ever come up but nothing ever surfaces.

    1. Shoe styles are so individual, aren’t they? Some people like the pointed toes, others want round. I like almost any variation of Mary Janes, my daughter thinks they’re ugly. Some people like bright colors and vibrant patterns, others want only neutrals.

      You and Jennifer must have an eye for excellent workmanship–hence the $600 pair you fell in love with long ago and dreaming of at a price you can afford. Who knows, they may turn up yet. Isn’t that part of the fun, looking for that perfect combination–comfort, style, and price? We ladies love to find a great deal.

      Thanks for sharing, Donna, and happy window shopping. 🙂

  4. I like shoes. Most of the “cute” ones hurt my feet to the point that I can’t have a good time when I’m wearing them. I love flip flops, but I have to be careful even there. If the straps are going dig in or the soles are hard and are going to hurt my feet.

    However…I have ordered from Zappos, and I think they have great service. Thanks for this post and thanks for posting pictures of your shoes. Just because I can’t wear them doesn’t mean I don’t like to look.

    1. I hear you, Catie! I have bunions on both feet, making that search for cute AND comfy shoes so difficult! What a great feeling when we find that pair though!

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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