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Turning Fall Into Spring!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Friday was the official end to Summer 2011. Were you like me and wear black to mourn the occasion? In the spirit of our denial, let’s pretend we live Down Under where spring has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. We can wish it were here, too.

One of my favorite events of the spring season is our family vacation to Orlando, Florida. When the children were little, we spent most of our days at the hotel pool and at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. As they have gotten older, we still spend time at the hotel pool, but EPCOT is the new favorite. My husband enjoys the international variety of beers, the kids acquire souvenirs and snacks, and I entertain myself by taking snapshots of the Spring Flower & Garden Festival’s creations. Sadly, I cannot provide you a cold one via internet or hand out my credit card for your shopping pleasure. I can, however, share my montage of memories. (Click on any picture for a larger view.)

Each year, Disney creates approximately seventy-five topiaries to display throughout the park. In addition, there are designer presentations by HGTV celebrities, and Flower Power concerts. You may also enjoy the butterfly pavilion, although it generally closes by 7 PM. I simply love the colors, the art of the presentation, and floral scents that fill the park. It’s truly an escape.

If we could convince our loved ones to attend EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival held each fall from the end of September to mid-November, perhaps we spring and summer lovers would learn to appreciate the cooler months of the year, as well. What do you think?

10 comments on “Turning Fall Into Spring!

  1. Oh, how I miss WDW! Beautiful pics! The last time I was there was 1991. I had been there twice before that, but I’ll never have my fill. I most often went in cooler weather. Florida’s humidity is tough for me to handle. We’ve gone in September once, but loved going right after Thanksgiving the best. Temps in the 70s and no long lines! It was the best! Thanks for sharing your memories, Jolyse. I’d love to know how you work with photos in your blog Any tips? It’s always a struggle for me, and I don’t know how you include that feature of enlarging by clicking on them. Would love your secret.

    1. Spring is pleasant in Orlando, too, yet the crowds can be fierce. I’ve always dreamed of traveling there in the fall, but family schedule has yet to allow it.

      As for the photos, I clicked on the icon for add image, uploaded pictures from my computer, and saved them. Then, out of the options “slideshow” or “gallery” I selected “gallery.” If this doesn’t work for you, feel free to email me and we’ll walk through it step-by-step. 🙂

  2. I actually love fall here in Iowa. Problem is it’s too short and next thing you know winter’s here and everyone’s freezing. Awesome Disney World pics. That’s on our list to visit in the next couple of years if we can swing it financially. Very expensive trip, but I’m sure worth it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Stacy!

      I really try to appreciate autumn, but I spend most of it missing summer or dreading winter. It’s like I’m in limbo.

      As far as visiting Disney, we are very budget-conscious. I subscribe to a free newsletter online called “Mousesavers” that arrives monthly via email. There are so many ways to stretch your vacation dollar and this website/newsletter has helped us do just that. I look forward to hearing about your Mickey experience one day. 🙂

  3. I must say, Disney never ceases to amaze me with all of the beautiful (and creative)plant-life on the grounds. They have a pretty well-organized operation over there. Can’t wait to go back! 🙂

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