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Awkward Moment, my Valentine?

Jolyse Barnett PhotographyFebruary fourteenth, the holiday of love, anticipated by some, ridiculed by others. In America, heart displays are featured in the malls and in jewelry commercials with cuddly teddy bears and rose bouquets.

My honey and I tend to celebrate low-key. Winter is a hectic time at work and school is in session. We may watch a movie, go to dinner, or exchange cards. One year was particularly memorable (See LOVE IS IN THE AIR post. My honey still gets kudos from my friends and me for his unique and lasting gift.)

People often remark that we should be as generous and giving like we are on December 25th. I agree and feel the same way about Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t we appreciate our loved ones every day?

Exhausting, you say? Unreasonable? Perhaps, but as a gal still crazy in love after more years than I could have ever imagined, I believe it’s worth the effort. What are the keys to forever love? I don’t know for certain. Marrying our best friend, learning to laugh at ourselves, growing close in good times, and holding each other closer during bad, never forgetting why we fell in love…that has worked for us.

February Movie?

Rylie and I recently saw THAT AWKWARD MOMENT with Zac Efron and cast. We liked it- a lot. I’m a huge fan of romantic comedies as well as witty, off-beat (sometimes raunchy) dialogue/humor. This wasn’t your typical romantic comedy. It focused on three guys and their relationship issues. Still, I was satisfied with how their characters evolved, and I loved, loved the ending. I really like when a story comes full circle and ties together with a beautiful, metaphorical red ribbon.

So…you can imagine my surprise when I saw all the poor reviews for this movie. I’m curious. Have you seen THAT AWKWARD MOMENT? Did you hate it and regret spending money on it, or did you enjoy it for the elements that made you laugh out loud and the dark moment that left you with a tear in your eye and a lump in the throat?

Whatever your relationship status, Margarita Moments wishes you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.   xoxo  Jolyse

9 comments on “Awkward Moment, my Valentine?

  1. I haven’t seen it but love the actors in this movie. I’m trying to decide who to see it with. I’m thinking I have to rent a teenage girl who might appreciate the swoon-worthy hotness of the Zach Effron et al. How raunchy is it? Would it interest an artsy/writer-loving fourteen-year-old boy just starting on the girl path or is it too much smoochiness for guys?

    1. Hi PJ.! Thanks for stopping by.

      Let me give fair warning. This is very much an adult movie. It’s rated R for good reason. 🙂 My daughter is almost 23. I would recommend it as a girls-night-out fun movie as opposed to a date movie. It’s not sappy by any means, and in fact, parts are downright crass (potty and male genitalia humor throughout). That said, I beg you not to bring the 14y.o. boy. He’d be mortified and so would you. To be honest, I hadn’t seen the trailers. All I knew was that I liked Zac Efron years ago in other movies. So we tried it. I would see it again (with girl friends). 🙂

  2. We’re low key on Valentine’s Day as well, Jolyse. When it comes to our relationship, we try to make every day Valentine’s Day by treating each other with love and respect.
    I haven’t seen That Awkward Moment. I just watched You’ve Got Mail the other night…for the millionth time! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

    1. Hey Tuere! I hadn’t seen Zac Efron in any film since he was a young man in 17 AGAIN with Matthew Perry. He’s all grown up now. I’ll admit I enjoyed seeing him on-screen and he played his part perfectly. I know reviews can be skewed but I was surprised that so many of them were so scathing AND contradicted each other. One loved the dialogue but hated the flat setting and poor chemistry between characters, another hated the dialogue but loved the casting, and still another blamed everything on the debut director. Only one reviewer (a woman, btw) really enjoyed the movie like we did.

      Interesting stuff and good to keep in mind as we jump into the world of reviews as authors. 🙂

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