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Love Under the Covers

Will you rub my tummy?
Will you rub my tummy?

Welcome to your Margarita Moment! I’m excited to be back here with you, savoring the little moments in life that make it worthwhile.

Life is so busy, yet we can all take a lesson from our pets, who seem to understand the importance of lots of rest, lots of play, no holding grudges, and yeah, lots of belly rubs. Hope you have a wonderful week doing what you love.

The winner from last week’s Musical Beginnings and Celebrations is …

Shari Drehs Bartholomew! Congratulations, Shari. Thanks for visiting, playing my little game, and for your kind wishes. Enjoy your Amazon gift card. Thanks to everyone else who commented. There will be plenty more opportunities to win giveaways in future weeks and months.

By the way, all comments last week happened to be posted on FB and Twitter. (I even emailed my web designer and asked them if my Comments link was working!) That’s fine. I realize now my instructions were vague. (I’ll learn. LOL) But seriously, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments! It’s still just little ol’ me here and your email address is absolutely safe. I would never, ever spam you or share your private information with third parties.

And now, the story I’ve been dying to share with you…the love story behind the cover of my upcoming Christmas romance…

A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW is set to release in two weeks!  Many of you’ve commented on social media how much you like the cover and I promised to share the cool story behind it as soon as I had a free moment. So, here it is. I have a hunch you may get a kick out of it like I did.

One of the many wonderful aspects about working for a small publisher such as Tule Publishing is that we authors are encouraged to participate in the selection of the book cover photo(s). I enjoyed pouring through stock photo sites and found many pretty pictures, but I kept going back to one I’d located through Pinterest.

I was especially drawn in by the love and peace radiating from the young woman’s face as she leaned in close to the man.  It seemed real.

My intuition was right. The adorable couple in the photo with Christmas lights draped over them wasn’t a pair of models, but an honest-to-goodness couple. Their photographer was Melissa McCrotty of Melissa McCrotty Photography, and she specializes in weddings and High School Senior photos. When I tracked down the article that contained my favorite photo of hers from Pinterest, I was happily surprised to learn the story behind it, and it became even more perfect  a choice for my debut love story’s cover.

You see, the young man in the photo–the one my readers will view as Ben–proposed to that young lady–the one my readers will view as Jade–at the end of that photo shoot. Wow.

Could it get any more romantic than that?

I think not–especially since she said ‘yes.’ (Pssst, I also have it on good authority they are still living happily-ever-after three years later.)

Visit Melissa McCrotty’s blog to read all the details about the proposal and view the rest of her photos from that eventful day back in December 2011. But first, I’d love to know:

What do you think is the most romantic kind of proposal? Or, share your own proposal story…


2 comments on “Love Under the Covers

  1. Not romantic here, sitting in couch in my apartment when he proposed. My daughter on the other hand was proposed to at Cinderella’s Castle.

    1. Yours was like mine, Shari. He proposed to me when we were hanging out in my childhood bedroom on a visit to see me during the holidays. 🙂

      Your daughter’s proposal sounds very romantic. Good for them! 🙂

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