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3 Easy Steps To The Most Stunning Flower Photos

Stunning flower photos? Well, I’ll let you be the judge when it comes to mine. I’m not a professional photog, but I’ve always been the family shutterbug on vacation and during holidays. And once we began our annual trek to Orlando each spring starting in 2005–which just so happened to overlap with EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival–I also become known in my little world for my flower photo obsession.

Stunning Flower Photos
EPCOT Flowers w/Backdrop

Unlike the other how-to articles about taking flower photos, I don’t know much about fancy cameras and can’t teach you about perspective. I switched out my trusty Canon a few years ago in favor of a Smartphone camera, and I’d never so much as read a how-to article related to photography until today, when I read a few to ensure I was bringing you a fresh take on the subject.

Stunning Flower Photos
EPCOT Bougainvillea

A decade of trial-and-error and literally hundreds upon hundreds of flower photos in the name of fun have helped me master a few tricks for capturing images that, at times, might just rival some of those stunning flower photos taken by professionals.

Stunning Flower Photo
Taken in my front yard…

So, whether you want to take pictures for art’s sake or memory-keeping, or you simply enjoy looking at pretty flowers, here are my three easy steps to help you see the subject through a different, stunning lens.

Stunning Flower Photos STEP 1:  COLOR

Stunning Flower Photos
Fuchsia Azaleas
  • Does the flower’s color pop out at you?
  • Is the flower itself an unusual shade or hue that draws you in, surprises you, or fills you with happiness?
  • If you respond yes to any of the above questions, then you likely have an excellent candidate for a memorable photo.
  • My most popular flower photos are those with fuchsia, orange, purple, and yellow.
  • If you respond no to all of these questions, your flower might still be a good candidate if it possesses other qualities listed in Steps 2 or 3.

Stunning Flower Photos STEP 2:  CONTRAST

Stunning Flower Photos
Zoomed-in, Bird’s Eye View, Purple, Unique Texture


  • Is there one angle or distance from the flower that allows more of a contrast in color, lighting, or texture than others? Be sure to try eye-level, bird’s-eye view, off-kilter, zoomed in, or skyward, etc.
  • Does the same flower look prettier to you at certain times of the day, or in special weather conditions?
  • Is there an interesting backdrop to accentuate its beauty? (Remember to look at the flower from different vantage points.)
Stunning Flower Photos
White Azalea Textures

Stunning Flower Photos STEP 3:  CHARACTER

Stunning Flower Photos
Golden Hydrangea???

Once I let go of my Virgo approach to photography, I began to consider a flower’s character. I know it might sound silly, but one of the greatest surprises for me as an amateur photog was the realization that locating the perfect angle with the perfect, pristine flower wouldn’t necessarily equate to the most stunning flower photo. Turns out, some of my best flower photos are of imperfect or past-their-prime flowers.

Stunning Flower Photos
Bee on Flower

I can still remember my Honey teasing me about choosing to post a photo of our white hydrangea whose petals had begun to decay. But I thought they deserved one last shot and was amazed by the result. (Scroll back up to see the Decaying White Hydrangea…)

Stunning Flower Photos
Easter Lily

Perhaps it’s the flower’s unique shape, texture, or arrangement that  encourages the human eye to explore it further. Whatever the reason, my Golden Hydrangea experience has encouraged me to think outside the box when it comes which flowers are the “perfect” ones.

Stunning Flower Photos
Amazing Audubon Tropical Gardens

What about the Audubon Tropical Gardens?

No, I haven’t forgotten that I’d teased you all about sharing more photos from our recent getaway to Key West’s Audubon House & Tropical Gardens. But this little tutorial turned out to be way chattier than I’d planned, and I’ve yet to announce the Summer of Love Giveaway winner for this week. Besides, the history buff in me insists I also include a few shocking facts I learned about the house’s history to go along with the purty pics.

I hope you’ll join me then!

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Now it’s your turn..

What’s one of your hobbies that you could teach to others? Or is there a hobby you’d like to start, but for whatever reason you haven’t begun yet?

So…before you go, leave a comment, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the fourth of my Summer of Love giveaways! Good luck, and check back to see if you’ve won this cool prize courtesy of Jennifer Gracen! I’m excited to do my small part spreading a little summer love…

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12 comments on “3 Easy Steps To The Most Stunning Flower Photos

    1. I learned to sew in high school, and my mother sewed a lot. I have a sewing machine that my MIL gave me when she moved to FL a few years ago, but I’ve been so focused on the reading and writing and everything else, that I never sit down to give it another shot.

      I’d love to see photos of your work when you get back into it, Shari. 🙂

  1. I love photography but have kind of gotten away from it lately. It’s so hot here right now! I also love flowers, nature and animals. Love your pictures and thanks for the inspiration! You make me want to go out there and take some pics!

    1. We’ve had an unusually hot summer here as well. Today is pretty nice, though, with a breeze… I’m happy to inspire. 🙂

  2. As a Scout leader (boys and girls) I have taught many skills and crafts to the children. I have shared/taught outdoor cooking, making a box oven, hiking, and survival skills. I taught both groups cake decorating and sewing. These are all hobbies of mine which I enjoy. It has been great fun sharing wi

    1. Thanks for all your service as a GS leader, Patricia! 🙂

      Girl Scouts holds a special place in my heart. Growing up in rural upstate NY, there were few social groups for kids, and even fewer for girls. Like you said, the survival skills, camping, working toward badges and such, making friendships, instilling values/work ethic/volunteerism, they all helped shape me into the woman I am today. I’m proud to have earned the Gold Award, too. It was such a wonderful part of my growing-up experience. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing, and I’m so impressed that you were a den mother as well. You must have the energy of three women! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for picking me as one of your winners! I love your flower pictures. I enjoy taking pictures too, but mine are just average. But I did take a couple good country scenery pictures once and an old barn that was used by a family friend when he released his first country music CD.

    1. Congratulations, again, Janine! I’ll be getting all the giveaways together and sending out this week. Funny how sending gifts to readers like that are among my favorite joys of being a writer. Who knew? lol

      Hey, your photo is on a country music CD. That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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