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Beach Days Ahead Giveaway

Are Beach Days Ahead?

Well, of course they are! And man, how we need them after a season of overcast skies and short, chilly days. To help celebrate the blossoming of a new season, and in anticipation of my very first reader newsletter–squee!–I’ve decided that now’s the perfect time for a “Beach Days Ahead” Giveaway! But more details about that in a minute.

Let’s Talk About Spring

I’ve always considered myself to be more of a summer girl. I love sipping cold drinks by the pool, wearing a bikini beneath my tank and shorts, and swimming laps for exercise. But in recent years, I’ve grown to appreciate the gradual warming of the earth. The past few weeks I’ve found myself eager to start my daily stroll around our front yard and taking the time to slow down to, well, smell the flowers. If you’ve located me on social media, you might already be privy to my flower obsession.  Here’s one of my favorite #instaflower in  #myfrontyard photos. (Visit me at Instagram if you’d like to see more–plus an embarrassingly huge number of cat photos.)

@JolyseBarnett #instaflower

I used to plant flowers and tend them faithfully with my children’s help while my husband/their father worked far away. In recent years, as my writing has taken more of my focus and my Honey is home full-time, he has taken over the spring outdoor festivities. Perhaps what I love best about his gardening style is the element  of surprise. He’ll buy a bag of bulbs and scatter them about, burying them much like a squirrel would for winter. Then, as each one sprouts, we enjoy playing a game of “What kind of flower is that?” or  “I bet you five bucks this flower will be __color word__.” Then, too, we walk around and watch nature at work…bees and butterflies pollinating…birds nesting…squirrels scampering…in addition to those blooming flowers. Who knew my own front yard could hold such wonders?

And maybe the best part isn’t necessarily the games we play, but the fact that we’re playing them together. I’m wishing you the same simple joys this spring…doing whatever you love with the one(s) you love.   oxo Jolyse

And now, as promised…

Beach Days Ahead Prize Package

Beach Days Ahead
Beach Days Ahead Package

All you need to do to be entered for this giveaway is:

  1. Sign up for my newsletter. Scroll down to the bottom and fill-in the box under “Newsletter Sign-Up” with your email addy. Be sure to also confirm your subscription when you receive the follow-up email from this site. (The first newsletter will be emailed to your inbox upon the release of Text Me, Maybe in May–with special, members-only treats and info!) If you’re already a subscriber, you’ve already fulfilled this part of the entry.  🙂
  2. Comment below about your favorite part of the season or share one of your own favorite photos.

That’s it!! Easy, right?

Extra points toward your entry will be awarded for:

  • sharing this post
  • following me on Instagram
  • subscribing to this blog

text_450The winner will be announced in my first newsletter, along with my recipe for Sweet Hands Sugar Scrub, an exclusive “interview” with my swoonworthy hero in my romantic comedy, Text Me, Maybe, among other surprises.

Let’s hear it for summer’s little sister!


27 comments on “Beach Days Ahead Giveaway

  1. I always enjoy seeing the flowers blooming and the trees budding. But I get terrible allergies and don’t look forward to that. Also, the spring storms scare me. I also love to wear my bright colored spring and summer clothing.

    1. Yes, Spring can bring with it both good and bad. My allergies have just started to kick in, too. I’m definitely ready to shed the wool coat…

      Thanks for sharing, Janine. 🙂

    1. I might have to insist on being more involved with some of the planting. I really do enjoy it. 🙂

  2. My favorite part of the season is that it gets warmer outside and I get to wear my flip flops. Thanks for the chance!

  3. As a teacher, school vacation is the best part of summer. The SF Giants playing comes in a close second!

  4. I love to plant flowers and herbs. I’d love to grow veggies, but I just don’t have that knack.
    I also love my beach trips to the Gulf of Mexico, even if it has been three years since we got to go.

  5. I love spring in South Texas because of the beautiful wildflowers! This year, Spring meant lots of planning & hard work as we started our backyard garden. We now have six 8 ft beds, with plans for 2 more to be built, filled with veggies that we look forward to enjoying this summer!

    1. Wow! Good for you, Michelle. I bet all that work will pay off with beautiful scents and tastes. 🙂

  6. I’m loving watching the irises and lilacs bloom in this natural forested setting where I live.

  7. My favorite part of the season is sunshine and warm temperatures. Over the top and wishful thinking would be… hanging out at the beach, reading and listening to the waves.

  8. Sand in my toes, the sound of the waves crashing softly in front of me, and the warmth of the sun in my face.

  9. I always love being outdoors during the spring time. We go hiking on local trails, kayaking in the bay and biking around the neighborhood. It’s awesome to see the changes in nature when the weather is warmer!

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